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Broadway Wellness: Monica Cleland RMT, BA Victoria Offices:




1842 Oak Bay Ave #302, Victoria, BC V8R 1C2  (250) 370-1020


Monica Cleland is the owner and operator of Broadway Wellness, in Vancouver, BC, which she founded in 2004. Monica is also currently building a practice in Victoria,BC, where she resides with her family. 

Monica graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2002, where she later continued to teach and assist with fascial, cranial, and visceral-based portions of the WCCMT curriculum. After graduating, Monica continued on to take a wide spectrum of post-graduate courses focused on cranialsacral therapy, myofascial release, and visceral manipulation (working specifically with organ misalignment due to fascial adhesions).

Monica uses a set of assessment techniques to decipher what areas of physical restriction and adhesion (several structures facially bound together – creating density, lack of circulation, lack of mobility, pain, and discomfort in the body), are presenting with greatest priority. She then treats each client uniquely, and works toward restoring long-lasting balance in a safe, efficient, manner.

Before Monica started her career, she went through a long personal process of resolving her own chronic pain syndrome over a period of several years.  This experience has taught Monica more about the human body than any course or text book.  It has shaped her life immensely, and comes through in the way she works with her clients.  Monica understands how pain can impact, shape, and distort a person’s life and experience of their reality.  She works to share information, and to help people move through their own chronic or acute pain and mal-alignement.

Monica is available alt. Wednesdays & Thursdays, and weekly Fridays in Victoria, BC.  New patients please book at Vitality Treatment, or contact Monica for further details. 

You can book appointments with Monica at Vitality Treatment here or click the link below. 

If you have been to the Home Office before, you can book online here or click the link below.

Please note: New Patient appointments are not available to book online at the Home Office. 

Monica can be contacted at for further details or to discuss initial appointments at the Home Office.

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Myo-Fascial Release is a therapy which releases restrictions, adhesions, and lines of tension in the connective tissue layer. Connective tissue connects every muscle, tendon, ligament, bone, and organ in our entire body. Releasing these restrictions and adhesions allows the client to discharge recurring physical, and, when present, energetic and trauma-based pain. Both cranial sacral therapy and visceral manipulation tie in strongly with myo-fascial release.


Craniosacral Therapy is a specialized fascial technique which works to free the connective tissue surrounding brain, spinal cord, and surrounding membranes and bones, from restrictions. Fascial (connective tissue) restrictions in the central nervous system, and surrounding structures, that develop from injury or compensation, can be at the core of perpetuating pain and misalignment in the body.
An important component to healing is our nervous system and how it relays messages from the point of injury/imbalance to the brain. Through gentle manual manipulation of the boney structures that support our nervous system, craniosacral therapy allows the therapist to clear, unravel and rewire in order to optimize this message. Any blockages can be due to both skeletal alignment as well as changes to the cerebral spinal fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord.
Craniosacral Therapy is gaining acceptance among health professionals worldwide as a successful treatment modality to improve overall body functioning, and for treatment of a wide range of conditions including migraine and tension headaches, ear infections and related conditions, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, chronic pain, migraine headaches, depression, dyslexia, and temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ).

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Visceral Manipulation is a specialized form of fascial work focused on freeing the connective tissue surrounding organs involved in areas of restriction due to injury, trauma, and compensation. The body is designed so that as it moves, the internal organs and structures glide smoothly around one another in a way that does not disrupt form or function. Injury or imbalance can interfere with this harmony when tissue adhesion or abnormal tone occurs, restricting this movement and creating issue for not only the organs, but the muscular, membranous, fascial, and boney structures as well. These patterns can eventually lead to chronic pain, postural misalignment, as well asdysfunction of the organ. Visceral manipulation is a technique for approaching the organs of the body when they become bound up structurally, or are not functioning optimally.


Monica has a practice in Victoria BC in addition to her Vancouver-based practice at Broadway Wellness.  Please note Monica's Victoria Home-Office location is not wheelchair accessible and has stairs leading up to the front door.

Availability Home Office: 

Alt. Wednesday 9:00-2:30

Alt. Thursday 9:00-2:30

Availability Vitality:

Fridays 8:15-2:15

Some evenings

60 min Registered Massage Therapy  - $120 GST included

Payment methods include
- Online credit card payment (credit cards are encrypted and securely stored in the Jane booking system)

-Email money transfer



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Business cell: 604-818-3537

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